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Your Journey to Independent Health Awaits!


Tap into the body's innate power. It will resolve your imbalances naturally. Sometimes it needs a little assistance. I can help. 

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True health comes from the simple things we're missing: The healing principle designed and provided by nature to complement the body’s own natural intelligence! It is with this “miraculous synergy” that our mission evolves.


Debbie's yoga and fitness instruction is unique for having a hands-on approach that guides students deeply into the intricacies of yoga, meditation, and yoga philosophy simultaneously.


Specializing in the biomechanics of movement, which draws out the healing powers of the body naturally. Results are amazing; functional movement,  strength, balance, mental clarity, and posture can be restored.


As a Lifestyle and Health coach, focusing on Nutrition and Ayurveda, Debbie utilizes 25 years of combined holistic health and wellness modalities with the yoga theory to help you restore vitality, strength, and happiness as an ordinary way of life. ​


I believe nature has it all. Grow your own food and connect to the earth's powers and all your troubles will be solved.