Pure Focus

The most difficult thing to do today is focus. All accidents and mistakes stem from the inability to remain focused. Training the mind to focus takes practice but gives benefits that are benificial to health and wellbeing, your success in this world, and your overall happiness.

Strength and Flexibility

Yoga is a thousands-year-old practice that maximizes on the body's own innate abilities. There are millions of miracles going on inside of you! Tapping in to that inner strength will express itself in your outer aura. Change begins from within, there's no other way around it.

Balanced System

Bringing the system into balance isn't  a simple process. Miltiple layers have to be brought into synergy, it is work on many levels. However, this is fun work that brings great benefits to your health and leaves you feeling vibrantly alive!

Learn to feel young again!

Strong Immunity

Being able to stave off contagions is just benefit of a stong immune system. People with stronger immune systems typically react to stress better, sleep better, deeper and are generally happier. 

If your immune system is taxed, you can begin to rebuild now and feel better right away!


Sadly the food we purchase is usually not living food and cannot provide the nutrition required to stay healthy. Unless you are growing organic, super foods, you probably need to supplement. Knowing how to supplement is a complicated puzzle. Not all supplements are the same and some minerals, vitamins and essential enzymes or aminos cannot be assimilated in unnatural forms.


I can help, it's what I do. Call for your free consultation today. ~Debbie Forrestt



Higher Consciousness

Connecting to your higher consciousness means connecting to the Divine for some. For others it is listening to an inner awareness or intelligence. Others yet, find it a sense of oneness with nature and others around us. I see it as all those things. No matter what, we won't try to change you! We just want to see you connected with your higher powers of intelligence, discernment, judgement so you can make better decisions and see the world as it is, not as you are! Then your truest nature will reveal itself as the highest truth, consciousness and bliss.

Conscious Living

When we realize we are one with nature, one with each other and one with the Divine, we treat each other and the earth with love and respect. Seeing ourselves in every blade of grass, helps us to walk lightly on our path. We leave the world a little better than we found it. We never pillage, plunder or hoard. We have all we need.

"From the light inside of me, I recognize and honor that same light within you"! Namaste'