We are bridging the gap from allopathic medicine to natural, independent health.

"I am a movement specialist who uses yoga as therapy with a focus on biomechanics. My research in epigenetics and neuroplasticity has helped me utilize my lifelong practice with meditation, biofeedback, and visualization techniques. I also focus heavily on nutrition and other holistic healing approaches. I have been practicing and teaching for over 30 years and have had tremendous results with those in chronic pain. I am confident I can help you find some relief."

~Debbie Forrestt


Offering Online, On-Demand, or In-Person Classes

Getting to a yoga class can be a challenge for you these days. How would you like:

  • an on-call teacher or coach.

  • online and in-person sessions you can follow at your own pace and seek guidance at any time.

  • a book to accompany your yoga studies so you can grasp the full concept and lifestyle of yoga and why you're doing certain postures.

  • the ability to access your coach for a private conversation to discuss your specific requirements for success, or to address needs and concerns.

Why are we unhealthier than ever?


 Some medications and/or surgical procedures have saved lives. But, with those advancements, we've lost connection to the basic building blocks for life. Some of our air, food, and environment have become toxic.

Inflammation, an immune response that affects every part of the body, begins in the gut. Unchecked, it affects major organs and joints and eventually can lead to chronic disease that can destroy the body. Now we know inflammation causes great harm to the brain and results in diseases such as Alzheimer's/Dementia, Parkinson's, and a plethora of mental illnesses, and more. We are in an epidemic of inflammatory diseases like never before.  We use too much medicine with a focus on treatment, not prevention. Medications can interrupt the natural defenses our bodies need to be strong, repair, and evolve. 


  Be Here Now!

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Serving the greater Phoenix, Glendale and Scottsdale area since 1998. Ask me about retreats and in-house immersions and programs. Call 602.938.5066 of email the above form.