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Body Magic; What happens when you take a bite of food?

Let's begin our magical journey with a few precepts everyone should understand about their body.

  • Matter, in other words, your physical body, does not exist without energy. Matter essentially is energy!

  • The first signs of imbalance in your system can be traced to the digestive or “GI” tract.

  • Digestion begins at the nose, mouth, and esophagus where digestive acids are released in response to messages received through the senses of smell and taste. (Ever notice how you salivate when you’re about to eat?)

  • The body uses channels or pathways, to help the flow of solids, liquids, gases, nerve impulses, nutrients, waste products, and secretions in and out of the human body.

  • There are innumerable, additional channels delivering the more subtle essences, such as energy, thoughts, and feelings.

  • Health is maintained when the channels remain clean and clear, carrying their cargo uninhibited.

  • Disease sets in when there is excessive flow, or when there are blocks or deficiencies in the flow.

  • Taste directly affects our health because it affects our digestion.

All of our experiences come in through our senses, what we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. Especially, where we put our thoughts, how we perceive experiences. Each experience and thought is broken down or "digested" by the mind/body, in order to assimilate the energy presented, whether it be food, a thought or an experience. Each is moved through its own energy channel. The gut is, after all, a "brain".

The same transformation is experienced with our thoughts, ideas, and our emotions. When an idea comes we ‘ponder’ it. When someone reacts to us emotionally, sometimes we react immediately; though many times we quickly ‘evaluate’ how we should respond. These are ways these energy channels help us “digest" information to give us knowledge and understanding.

  • When your energy system is balanced you create health.

  • When food is digested properly you will create healthy tissues and organs which resist disease.

  • When your senses and thoughts are digested properly, you make thoughtful, conscious decisions.

The key to health is eating for the strength of your energy body. Signs of indigestion are gas, farting, bloating, burping, acid indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, heaviness, sluggishness, nausea, or slow digestion.

Food first enters our digestion by the nose, then by the mouth. The smell and taste will start the activation of enzymes in the saliva and will trigger what types and how much acid is needed to burn through what is coming down. The body supplies the liquids to break down (or macerate) the food so when it comes to the stomach the acids can further break it down. Then acids generate the actual burning/transformation of the food. The liver, pancreas, and small intestines release their acids which break the food down into energy and nutrients which then can be absorbed. Finally, in the large intestine, assimilation of subtle nutrients and water are absorbed. The indigestible fibers and liquids are released as feces and urine.

How Illness Begins

When food is not properly digested, toxins are created. Important to remember is: The main cause of any disease is bad digestion because these toxins can be absorbed by the body like nutrients. Nutrients build the tissues, but toxins accumulate in the weak areas of the body which create blocks and ultimately disease.

There are 13 Main Delivery Channels in the body. They can be divided into:

A. Channels for Intake of Nourishment

B. Channels for Building Tissue

C. Channels for Elimination

A. Intake of Nourishment

1. Particular tastes will activate specific saliva. (The 6 tastes are; sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent, pungent).

2. Food has an energetic influence on the body as it enters the small intestines and stomach. (It can also have a heating or cooling effect on the body~notice this after a meal).

3. Post digestive effect. When the food comes to the large intestine, is where you’ll see the long-term effects the food has on the absorption and elimination in the body. The three long term effects your food will have will determine:

a. Building body tissue

b. Moisten and increase acids

c. Reduce and dry body tissues

B. Body Tissue Development

The concept of tissue formation is that each human tissue is formed from the previous tissue in ascending order of complexity. Thus, when we eat food it is processed through 2 stages, then becomes the first tissue. This is repeated until all 7 layers of tissues are created and maintained.

1. Plasma/fluids

At this first stage, food is digested in the small intestine, eventually travels to the large intestine, then through the liver, then the first stage of tissue development begins, by forming plasma and fluids. This will also influence our emotions of Faith. Poorly digested, it will develop phlegm.

The remainder is then channeled through to stage 2.

2. Formed blood/red blood cells

In the next stage, part of it goes toward the formation of blood and red cells, then blood vessels and tendons. This also influences the emotion of Invigoration. Poorly digested, it will develop bile.

The remainder is then channeled through to stage 3.

3. Muscle

At this stage, part of it goes toward the formation of muscle tissue, then ligaments and skin tissue. This also influences the emotion of courage. Poorly digested, it will develop snot, ear wax, and tartar.

The remainder is then channeled through to stage 4.

4. Fat

At this stage, part of it goes toward the development of fat tissue, (which is necessary), then Peritoneum. (Membrane tissue that forms the abdominal lining and supports its organs and serves as a conduit for their blood and lymph vessels and nerves). This also influences the emotion of love. Poorly digested, it will develop excess sweat.

The reset is channeled through to stage 5:

5. Bone

At this stage part of it goes toward the development of bone tissue, then teeth. This also influences Stamina! Poorly digested, it results in unhealthy hair and nails.

The remainder is channeled through to stage 6:

6. Bone Marrow and Nerve Tissue

At his stage, part of it goes into bone marrow and nerve tissue, then sclera (whites of eyes) and sclerotic fluid. This influences the emotion of contentment. Poorly digested, it causes extra or inadequate tears and eye secretions.

The reminder is channeled through to stage 7.

7. Reproductive Organs and Secretions

At this stage part of it becomes our reproductive organs and secretions, then pubic and facial hairs. Poorly digested it will become excess genital waste. It then moves to the final product, which determines Strength and Immunity! (IN Ayurveda, a product known as Ojas).

The remainder becomes waste and is eliminated in 5 ways.

C. Elimination or Waste:

1. Sweat, should not really smell if you have a healthy digestive system.

2. Urine should have no smell or color (sometimes certain foods and supplements will ad color and odor).

3. Feces, Normal 1x day at least. Fully formed, not hard or runny.

4. Tears, (Love and compassion tears are sweet, anger and hate tears are hot, and sad and fearful tears are cold)

5. Dreams, Reflect anxiety, emotions, and desires.

Now you can think about this when you crave that junk food or begin to cave on your commitment to eating more healthy foods.

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