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Mushroom Magic

Updated: Apr 26

Mushroom Magic

No matter how you feel about mushrooms, their taste or texture, I promise there is a mushroom product out there for you. Pill and powder forms can be easy ways to add mushrooms to your health regime. Mushrooms are easy to dehydrate/rehydrate for shelf life. And a reconstituted mushroom retains practically all its medicinal value! (If possible, dry them in the sun).

Some medicinal mushrooms however, require a special long cook or soak to extract the medicinal values. But I attribute many healing occurrences in my personal life to mushrooms. I feel lucky to have mushroom “farms” right here in Arizona.

We share 50% DNA, with mushrooms and can contract many of the same viruses as mushrooms. Mushrooms are closer in genetic composition to humans as they are to plants. For example, when exposed to sunlight, mushrooms will also produce vitamin D. (One of the most studied vitamin/hormones for disease prevention currently.) Since most people are deficient-and yes vitamin D is actually a hormone that your body produces when skin is exposed to sunlight-what a great way, especially for vegans, to supplement vitamin D.

All life on earth is derived from the mycelia that is the life support system of mushrooms. One cubic inch of earth will house an average of eight miles of this life-giving mycelia. In fact, if you take a walk in the grass or on the earth today, you will accumulate between ten and a hundred million fungal spores on your body. Don’t be grossed out! This is one reason nature walking, hiking, "earthing", etc., is so important! Especially if you live in the concrete jungle. We need this exposure to absorb their adaptive intelligence! Studies show the best way to prevent jet lag when you travel, is to practice "earthing" as soon as possible after you land.

We can learn a lot from these ‘shrooms, they have developed so many natural immunities to the very viruses that can take us sapients out of the game! As a nutritionist, I adhere to the notion that the best way to reap the medicinal benefits of a plant is to consume it.

Get to know the difference between “edible” and “medicinal” mushrooms as the processing is different. For example Reishi and Chaga mushrooms are considered a medicinal varietal and the bioactive components are made bioavailable by cooking for 12-14 hours (like bone broth). So I add mushrooms and/or mushroom powder to my bone broth when making and store the liquid in jars in the freezer for use in everyday cooking.

Edible” mushrooms porcini, button, portobello, etc, are best cooked with some fat, (ghee, coconut oil, etc.), since their components are fat soluble. I’m single, so I make a big pot of soup and jar up the leftovers and eat once a week until its gone.

So, buy those varieties of mushrooms at the store you always wanted to try and find a way to add to your home cooked dishes. I buy mushroom powder from Southwest Mushrooms at the Farmer’s Market and add it to many sauces and soups for a delicious umami flavor. When you add the powder to coffee, you can barely taste it. There are many products on the market, if you are not inspired to process your own.

You too can easily learn that healthy eating can be so much more convenient and easy in

the long run and can replace many of your supplements and even prescriptions. (Please consult your physician, first). It's much less expensive than buying products ready-made at the health food market. (Plus, I control the quality and know the source of the ingredients).

In conclusion, find a way to consume mushrooms, (unless your’e sensitive to them) even if in pill form. (Although, as a “food is medicine” proponent, I feel that skipping over the taste buds bypasses one of the body’s best recognizing systems). Watch for recipes on my new recipe page and email or call me for a health consultation any time.

Blessings to you on your health journey,

Debbie Forrestt

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