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Ten Simple Practices Today to Ensure a Healthy Tomorrow

I live consciously and eat healthy most days because I learned it is easier than living through the repercussions of how I used to live (unconsciously). I found myself in "recovery" daily for the poor habits I'd practiced the day before. While it did take some time and determination to change my mind, all it required was a simple daily meditation practice to discover how my thought patterns were directing my attitude about healthy living.

Below are ten ways I changed the belief patterns that were ingrained in my mind that were simply not true. Now I see my good health as a means for doing all the things I love without begrudging or procrastinating. I'm now pain-free and living joyfully.

Here's how I changed my mind about healthy living:

1. Most difficult for me was training myself to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night! Studies now reveal the only way to get a full and complete night's rest, (ie; navigating through all sleep cycles), is to go to bed at the same time each night. As a lifetime insomniac, this was my greatest challenge. I feel so much better when I discipline myself this way. I am refreshed in the morning instead of grumbly and groggy.

2. Wake up naturally. Learn to stay still while the "wake-up hormones" and neurotransmitters take full effect. Jumping out of bed disturbs this process. Use this time for setting intentions for your day. You'll soon begin to feel the effects of this delightful, gentle surge of energy that courses throughout the body. Wait until you're compelled to get out of bed. You can teach yourself to not need an alarm clock, (if you went to bed at your usual time). You simply tell yourself when you want to get up when you close your eyes at night.

3. Meditate! I love meditation, but I definitely had to discipline myself to do it daily. What does this have to do with health? Everything! What you tell your body, it believes and delivers back. You say you're fat, lazy, weak, depressed, etc. The body will comply down to your very cellular level. Start each day with a meditation to get your day started on a positive note. You'll discover how many negative thoughts you have in a day by learning to observe them. (Visit my YouTube channel for some meditations). Again, a wonderful way to start your day, you can meditate in bed if you wish.

4. Using the Japanese method of controlling eating habits; "Hara Hachi Bu", only eat to 80% full when consuming a meal. They must be on to something because they have one of the lowest rates of illness from heart disease, cancer, and stroke and live longer than all other populations in the world! This was another difficult shift for me because as a child, I didn't leave the table until I cleaned my plate. But I sure feel better now not having that stuffed or bloated feeling. (Using a smaller bowl or plate helps).

5. Movement. This came easiest for me, but I know it's a chore for many. If you weren't taught in your youth that exercise was fun, it will be difficult to retrain your mindset about this. So find a buddy and do something fun. Don't tax or hurt yourself. Just move. I find walking to be the best exercise for the mind as well. Swing your arms, breathe deeply, and especially after a meal it will aid in complete digestion of your meal. Dance, swim, ride a bike, dig in the garden. The happy endorphins that ensue will compel you to do it again and again. (Easy chair exercises for beginners).

6. Stretch. Stretching should be done daily, before and after exercise. If there is simply no time for exercise, at least stretch. You can do this from the couch or office chair. Better yet, stand up and use these simple stretching techniques from my series, "Don't Forget to Stretch". If you have pain or discomfort, please feel free to email me for advice.

7. Breaking the addiction to refined carbs, especially refined sugar! This was probably the most difficult for me back in the day because there were no alternatives save for Sweet and Low, (which turned out to be poison.) But now there's stevia, coconut palm sugar, beet sugar, monk fruit sweetener, Swerve, honey, and maple syrup, to name a few. I keep all these in my pantry and cook with them regularly. I use no refined sugar! As for refined flours, I eliminate that as well. I am not gluten-free, but I sure notice a difference when I eat too much gluten, (pasta, some grains, breads, etc. cause inflammation). See my blog: Sweeteners, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

8. Intermittent fasting sounded like starving myself. I love food and always considered myself a "grazer". By doing this, my body never got a chance to be still and rest those digestive systems that were on task every moment of the day! Now I love the feeling of being calm and empty from 8 PM until noon or 1:00 PM. I notice I eat smaller portions now as well. (I make sure every bite that goes into my mouth is nutritionally dense). Remember, breakfast only means to "break fast". So when you do, do it with easily digestible, healthy foods. *Note: I put a scoop of really good collagen in my coffee in the morning for a boost of protein that quells my hunger pangs.

9. Drinking a glass of lemon and apple cider vinegar water first thing in the morning used to feel like a chore. Now my body craves that healthy nectar. Both lemon and ACV alkalize the system, hydrate tissue, and contribute to a complete and timely elimination in the mornings (so I start the day empty and detoxed). Get the simple recipe on my recipe page.

10. Healthy food doesn't taste weird. Fake food does. (When I first decided to purchase organic food, I thought it had a funny taste, then I remembered that is what food tasted like when I was young, growing up with a garden in the midwest). There are so many and varied options for eating healthy, I wonder at anyone who says healthy food doesn't taste good.

Back in the day, when I first decided to eat "health-food", it consisted of wheat germ and grass, cardboard-like desserts and stale, awful snacks! Begin an herb garden from the cuttings of the organic produce you buy at the store. How fun to "cheat" inflation! (See my post on Pinterest for the 25 veggies to regrow from the food scraps you are otherwise probably discarding). Below are cuttings from my food "scraps" regrown to produce more food.

Join me in this Vital Living Movement: Getting the best out of the remaining years of your life. It's never too late. Some of my oldest coaching clients are over 90 now. And living more vibrantly and clear-minded than ever!

Blessings and Namaste,

Here's to your health!

@Debbie Forrestt

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