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This Independence Day, Strive for Independent Health

A Japanese woman performs a tea ceremony daily until she’s 94. She never loses the ability to get up off the floor.

A Chinese family has been dining at a low table, seated on cushions for generations. None have ever needed a hip replacement.

A Monk meditates at temple while he sits in lotus for an hour before the Buddha daily. His back has never had pain. Nor does he suffer anxiety.

A Thai farmer sows his field with hand tools, his wife and children tend and harvest their crops while squatting. They massage each other nightly. They’ve never missed a day of work in their lives.

A fisherman rows his little boat each day out into the harbor, and casts his lines a hundred times. His shoulder never freezes up.

An elderly couple, as their commitment to the relationship, has practiced Chi Quong every morning at sunrise and have since the day they married. They have 5 children in their 80s. They are both a century old. Neither has ever fallen.

According to a JAMMA article, dated April of 2018, Americans spend 20 Billion dollars annually on hip and knee replacements. In this report they claim, ”As many as one-third of hip and knee replacements in the U.S. may be unnecessary. And unneeded joint replacements cost Americans an estimated $8.3 billion a year.”

Why do we have this notion that maintaining balance and mobility is a daunting task? One for which we would never have the time or energy! Actually, health is really easy to achieve because it is natural to the body! Disease is actually the difficult choice because it exhausts the body! Wears it down, day by day. The body has to fight to maintain homeostasis.

Besides reading labels and adding more color to your diet, there are very simple things you can do that help you regain and maintain your mobility. Wouldn’t you like to have your youth back?

Here’s what you can do:

* Get off the couch, and sit on a cushion or folded blanket on the floor while watching a movie. At least for a while. Especially if you’re snacking.

* Use a ball at your desk instead of a chair, at least for an hour a day.

* Stand at your computer instead of sitting, for at least an hour each day.

* Walk to the store once in a while instead of driving, especially if you're only going for 1 or 2 items. It keeps you from impulse buying, too. It saves gas as well.

* Play music in the background instead of the TV. It gives you energy and encourages you to move. It reduces stress and stops hypnotizing you with advertisements about medical procedures and drugs. No more tempting you to eat fast foods. Another option is audiobooks. They're free from the library. You'll get smarter, not dumber. Just turn off the TV!

* If you don't have a dog, walk a neighbor's who isn't as mobile as you.

* Join that friend who's been bugging you to accompany them to a yoga or tai chi class. Friendships are the most valuable thing in the world.

* Do some simple stretches in bed before sleep and upon waking to reduce pain and help you sleep and rise with better ease.

There are literally hundreds of simple things you can do. Just pick a couple and stick with it. Write yourself a note. Set an alarm on your phone. Get a buddy. Don't delay. You'll save a ton of time and money on drugs and procedures. You'll be happier. It will be easy. Call me if you need ideas:-)

"You can be Independently Healthy".

Debbie Forrestt

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