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Who Lives Best?

Beautiful doggies. We have brought them into our homes and loved them, making them a part of our family. Some say our canine friends eat healthier than billions of others in the world today. (It has even been observed that our trash cans eat better than most people in the world but that’s a story for another day).

How did we get the once-wild animals to be our best friends? We trained them. Slowly, bit by bit we taught them to poop and pee outside, at our appointed location, and even at our appointed time. (Could you wait hours to poop until someone came and let you into the bathroom and said, “ok, now go poop”?)

We made them bathe and taught them to be gentle with our kids and not hump, jump, lick, sniff, bite or otherwise molest our friends and family members.

We taught them to use their special skills to aid our careers; fight crime, find lost humans, root out illegal substances, defend our armed forces and police department, hunt, herd, dig, etc.

We taught them to ride in cars, walk on leashes, stay by our side, and obey commands.

We bred them to be smaller to find mice, warm our laps, and be portable.

We bred them to be bigger to appear more menacing, stronger, almost horse-like, to endure the toughest climates.

We show them, race them, train them by giving them treats: little bits of delights they live for. These little expressions of approval from us.

It took hundreds of years, but the soul of the dog is truly changed. In fact, most canine breeds are just a shadow of the wild animal their ancestors once were. They have no memory of their former selves. Most would never be able to defend themselves or find food and shelter in the wild. We’ve “domesticated” it out of them.

I’m not saying this is wrong. No judgment here. I love dogs! All breeds.

But what I wonder if anyone else has noticed is that we are all being domesticated. Slowly but surely, we have lost our ability to grow or even find food. Our special skills are being exploited for the benefit of others. We work and live for that occasional, “good job” and our pittance of reward which is just enough to get us by to the next "reward". We look to our “superiors” as if we are subordinate to them. When we don’t comply we are shamed. When we stand up for our rights we are “corrected”, controlled by the crowd, and ordered to be submissive. We are frightened daily by the media. We are medicated if we can’t be properly controlled. This begins in school.

Did you learn these things in school?:

How to calm yourself down with breathing and visualization

How to bolster your will, not banish it

How to question authority, think for yourself

How to spot a lie or manipulation

Natural ways to ground your energy

Natural means for healing yourself

What imbalance feels like in the body

How to identify what your emotions are telling you

How to protect your body from invasion, intrusion, abuse

How to speak your truth, express what you’re feeling without shame or embarrassment

How to grow food, or for that matter, where it even comes from

What food additives are harmful

What product additives should never be used on skin or breathed

How meditation builds concentration, quiets the mind, treats anxiety, conquers stress

ALL the power you possess inside of you. Oh, yes, ALL OF YOU

How many of the skills you learned in school really help you get through your day? Do you ever feel you were bred for the use of others’ benefit? Your soul is unfulfilled? Who you really are has been reshaped by media, society, present culture, church, work environment, politics, and trillionaire pharmaceutical and food conglomerations, or social media?

Our teachers are controlled, our doctors are manipulated, our farmers are blackmailed, our politicians are owned and our media is criminally motivated. Even our churches are businesses that need money from you, so they can continue to tell you each week how to live and frighten you that you might just go to hell. Not only for being non-compliant, but you also must make sure others are in compliance.

You have been domesticated, just like our canine counterparts. If you think you have free will, you really don’t. You have been programmed for hundreds of years.

There is only one way to get You back.

With a lifestyle change, clean diet, natural movement in nature, and most of all, meditation. You can reprogram your mind. You can fall in love with You! The real You is awesome. The yogis call this, your svarupa, your true self. Please meditate daily and share with me your journey to the real You. I’d love to meet You.

For more tips, contact me. I am a Life Coach and Holistic Wellness Practitioner.

Debbie Forrestt


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